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“Of Closure” in Rogue Agent

“Of Closure” in Rogue Agent

I’ve been eyeing Rogue Agent for a while because of its beautiful collection of poetry connected to the body. In their call for submissions, they request, “We want your skin, your liver, your viscera. We want your joy and your frustration.” So I scraped up my courage and submitted to them a poem that is my heart: “Of Closure.”

And now I can say, she found the perfect home in their December Edition (Issue 21):

Thank you to editors Jill Khoury and Jen Stein Hauptmann for including “Of Closure” in this stunning edition. I am honored.

“We are gods of our own bodies. We are servants to our own bodies. Our bodies are signifiers. Our bodies are false signifiers. Our bodies are liars. Our bodies are truthtellers.

If our bodies are oppressed by an outside force, we are ‘written over.’” – Jill Khoury