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Learning How to Livestream

Learning How to Livestream

It’s a bit overwhelming to get back into performing during Covid. Since playing at clubs isn’t an option right now, I’m taking a shot at livestreaming.

Typically, I’m pretty good at figuring out computer stuff, but all the pieces I need to put together are a bit daunting, and I know that technical glitches can make the process frustrating. From a little cursory research, it seems I need to get/find:

  • a platform for the livestream- I’m considering Facebook and Instagram
  • an audio interface – I have an older One that I hope will work
  • lighting – I’m considering an inexpensive ringlight
  • a mic – I likely have a good mic
  • a popscreen
  • a desktop mic stand
  • video recorder – iPhone or iPad
  • stand for iPhone or iPad
  • broadcast software – OBS Studio might be a good free option

My plan is to get the basics up and running to start streaming real soon, and to just use what I already have. When I can afford it, I’ll build upon getting more and better gear as I go along.

I’ll keep you all posted. Wish me luck!