Kneeling and Praying (a dark comedic drama in two-acts) by Melisa Malvin-Middleton SYNOPSIS: Sex, grief, and prayer—and not necessarily in that order—dominate the life of teenage Jo. Even before the death of her father, Jo’s life was complicated. But now, she is more confused, desperately seeking comfort, often through disturbing measures. However, the types of support she receives from her family only confuse matters, elevating Jo’s despair. Underneath the surface of a seemingly ordinary family grieving the loss of a loved one are profound feelings of resentment and regret. Eventually revealed are dark family secrets that have been bandaged over throughout the years under the guise of religion and convoluted notions of love. Kneeling and Praying explores themes such as the devastation of grief, faith amongst religious hypocrisy, and the destructiveness of molestation.   At Sunset (a ten-minute play) by Melisa Malvin-Middleton SYNOPSIS: On a cliff overlooking the ocean, an adult sister and brother are waiting for the sun to set in order to do something meaningful. While they pass the time—the free-spirited Ally goofs off playing a game she recalls from her childhood and the business-like Brett is wrapped up in his Blackberry—sibling rivalries and adult resentments resurface. Yet beneath the bitterness still resides a loving bond that ties them together in a powerful moment of reflection.   For more information about producing these plays, please contact me.