(A dark comedic drama in two-acts)

by Melisa Malvin-Middleton


In Sad-Eyed Serenity, a drama with splashes of dark humor, seemingly disparate stories come together in a play that deals with themes pertaining to mental illness, alcoholism, sexual orientation, and family. This play houses furries, felons, and a kitten, all while grappling with issues of self-sacrifice and self-preservation.

In Act I we meet the free-spirited and homeless Serenity who has a fling with Liam, a hotheaded young man on probation, but working his way up in the world as a furry Minnie Mouse in Times Square.

Act II takes place 10 years later when Serenity tries to reconcile her past mistakes by reconnecting with the young daughter she abandoned. However, getting her daughter back into her life may be more complicated than she imagined. First, she has to get past her sister Margo, who raised the child in Serenity’s absence.


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Melisa Malvin-Middleton is a native Los Angeleno singer-songwriter, playwright, and poet who graduated from Cal State University Northridge with a B.A. in English and a minor in Theatre. Currently, she is pursing an M.A. in Creative Writing at CSUN. Melisa resides with her husband and their menagerie of rescued canines and felines.